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Re: [ga] Message Boards and moderation.

The answer is not difficult;
If you edit you are an editor and therefor responsible.
If you control the published content you are a publisher and etc. etc.
Look up the legal advice given on the ICANN forums, quite telling.
That is a big downside to censorship.
If you control content then you are responsible for it.
Slander is to the ear and Libel is to the eyeball.
Moderated lists create a publishing and libel nightmare.

> I have a vague recollection of discussions about who is responsible for
> the content of message boards, but can't remember the outcome. Can the
> board owner/domain name holder/ web host/ registrar be held legally
> responsible for any libel posted on a site? Is there a legal obligation
> to moderate postings, or does free speech cover everything, even if not
> hosted, owned in the US?
> As no doubt you can guess, I have a friend with a user situation.
> Thanks,
> Joanna

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