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[ga] As an FYI: DHS Seizes 75+ Domain Names

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  • Subject: [ga] As an FYI: DHS Seizes 75+ Domain Names
  • From: "Jeffrey A. Williams" <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 16:42:55 -0600 (GMT-06:00)


  Seems that GoDaddy is saying that ICANN is responsible.
Could it be that the venerable SSAC has been busy or
otherwise directed?  Lets all hope that this was a cooperative
effort with ICE.  although government censorship is abhorrent,
so is 'real piracy'.  From the list of DN's I saw taken down,
seems to me that some at least I have seen in UCE/Spam's
I've gotten in the past and currently block accordingly.
I have to wonder though if this will carry over to some
of Googles offerings/service partners or perhaps they have
Government immunity or 'getting a pass' for now?  Seems
perhaps that for now anyway that due process will need to
wait for the moment? But perhaps such is a good thing as
the protection of Intelectual Property is far more important
and therefore takes priority?  If so, such are huge victories
for the RIAA and MPAA and perhaps well deserved. 
An update to 
yesterday's slashdot's story the Department of Homeland Security's seizure of 
torrent-finder.com, a domain they believe to be involved in online piracy. As 
it turns out, this was  
just one of dozens of websites that were  
targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "In announcing that operation, 
John T. Morton, the assistant secretary of ICE, and representatives of the 
Motion Picture Association of America called 
it a long-term effort against online piracy, and said that suspected criminals 
would be pursued anywhere in the world. 'American business 
is under assault from counterfeiters and pirates every day, seven 
days a week,' Mr. Morton said. 'Criminals are stealing American ideas 
and products and distributing them over the Internet.'" The 
TorrentFreak article we discussed yesterday has been updated with 
 a list of the blocked sites.

Jeffrey A. Williams
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