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Re: [ga] List censorship and publications

  • To: kent@xxxxxxxxx, Elisabeth Porteneuve <elisabeth.porteneuve@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [ga] List censorship and publications
  • From: "Jeffrey A. Williams" <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 16:07:42 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

Kent and all,

  I was never ligitimately banned for offensive behavior, and have never 
intently offended anyone unless they are not fully vocational in the 
english language.

  Kent, your right that there are a number of reasons that delays to postings
to the GA list could have taken place that would perhaps not be readily 
apparent to list participants.

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>To: Elisabeth Porteneuve <elisabeth.porteneuve@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: Re: [ga] List censorship and publications
>Hi Elisabeth -- long time :-)
>On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 12:17:29PM +0200, Elisabeth Porteneuve wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I think I understand what Eric/Hugh says, and recall explanation given to 
>> me by Kent Krispin a couple (5?) of years ago.
>> There is no censorship, but very inconvenient rule, that GA archives do not 
>> update immediately, but a couple of hours later (2 or 4, do not remember).
>> Look on attached PDF with archives as at 24sep09 11:58 Paris local time. I 
>> already received Jaap's message (quoted below), whilst his message does not 
>> show yet in archives.
>> I do not know why Kent did it, neither his explanation why,
>There were a variety of technical/security reasons associated with this
>The mail server is different than the public web server; the web archives are
>generated on the mail server, and a cron job copies them to the external web
>server every two hours.  Average delay due to this is therefore 1 hour. 
>However, there are other things that can cause delays -- ICANN uses a variety
>of anti-spam measures, including greylisting, which can cause delays, and
>also, email by it's nature has many other possibilities for delay.
>> it was very 
>> inconvenient for me at that time and still is. I prefer much more read 
>> archives (messages recorded in chronological order), than my mailbox (do 
>> not necessary have time to do it live,
>"very inconvenient"???  If you don't have time to attend to the email
>on a regular basis, and only look at the archives when you have the time, I 
>can't see how an hour delay is causing you any significant inconvenience.
>> furthermore at the end point it may 
>> happen the order is not chronological, depending on SMTP and firewall's 
>> rules).
>Email is intrinsically subject to delays and out of order delivery,
>especially in these days of extensive spam filtering.  The archiving process
>preserves the order the mail is received at the list server. 
>Many people, especially those who mostly communicate within an intranet, get
>used to email being extremely quick, and they can treat it like a "chat"
>mechanism.  However, email is not chat, and in an international context, with
>different time zones and sometimes poor connectivity, email is a weak medium
>for interactive conversation. 
>Regarding "censorship" of the GA list: 
>The GA list is not censored, not by any reasonable definition of the term. 
>On rare occasions people have been put on "timeout" for various periods of
>time for exceptionally offensive behavior. 
>Most recently, Joe Baptista and Jeff Williams were banned from the list a
>because of offensive behavior; when their timeout expired they were
>resubscribed to the list, but the people who resubscribed them weren't
>aware that there were also pattern matches that needed to be adjusted, so
>there was a long delay before their posting privileges were completely
>retored.  This wasn't deliberate; I think it is fair to say that most
>people simply don't pay that much attention.
>Years ago I argued strongly for the creation of the GA list.  I consider it a
>small tragedy that the list has become a playground for a small set of people
>with obvious psychological problems.  They undermine and demean the extremely
>valuable contributions of serious longtime ICANN critics like Danny Younger,
>George Kirikos, and others. 
>(Just for the record -- I really respect the contributions of these critics,
>and sometimes I agree with them.  I believe that sentiment is shared by many
>people on the ICANN staff.)
>Best Regards
>Kent Crispin


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