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Re: [dow3tf] TR: Task Force 3 — Revised List of Companies to Survey

On 1/14/2004 12:02 PM GNSO SECRETARIAT noted that:

7) IETF — Richard Shockey (IETF Chair) (Ross Rader to alert Shockey that
survey is in the offing)


b) ENUM Project (IETF)

Just a small correction. I believe that we agreed that we would request feedback from Rich as the chair of the ENUM working group rather than relying on unofficial internet-drafts which while publicly available, typically do not have official standing. The goal being that if we are going to be analysing data that may end up in a best practice document that we analyse data from official sources with a clear understanding of the status and context of the data.

As an aside, information regarding the ENUM working group can be found here: http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/enum-charter.html



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