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>From  Brian Darville
Envoy?: mercredi 14 janvier 2004 17:07

Could you please circulate this list to the Task Force 3 representatives and
alternates as discussed on today's call Wednesday January 14, 2004

Here is the revised list of companies to survey in connection with data
gathering regarding WHOIS data accuracy practices by other online service
providers.  Please review and send along any Final comments or proposed
changes/additions, by Friday, January 16, 2003.

I have indicated in italics who is handling what in connection with
finalizing this list.

1) Telecommunications/Cellular (including Prepaid Cellular)- AT&T, Verizon,
Sprint, British Telecom, Nortel  (Ken Stubbs to identify relevant prepaid
cellular companies)

2) E-Bay, Paypal, Amazon

3) Registries (Ken Stubbs to alert registries that survey is in the offing)

4) PingID  (www.pingid.com)

5) ISPs/Web Hosting Companies (Ross Rader to Identify companies and
associations to whom survey should be submitted)

5) Travel:  Expedia, Travelocity

6) News:  CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post.com,
London Times Online

7) IETF  Richard Shockey (IETF Chair) (Ross Rader to alert Shockey that
survey is in the offing)

In addition, Terry Clark will review and summarize publicly available
information from the following two sources for the task force to see what if
any relevant information is publicly available:

a) UN Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
www.unece.org/cefact; and

b) ENUM Project (IETF)

Thank you.

Brian Darville
Oblon, Spivak
(703) 412-6426

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