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[council] Re: [council] GNSO ATRT2 Applicants (minor change to improve clarity)

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  • Subject: [council] Re: [council] GNSO ATRT2 Applicants (minor change to improve clarity)
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  • Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 14:28:30 +0100
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Thanks Volker for sharing the Registrars' decision to the list. This
will lead to the effect that the 60% threshold needed in both houses to
add 2 candidates to the endorsed list shall not be achieved what I'm
sorry for.

Some thoughts from my side:

1. The Rrs' decision is fully in line with the respective GNSO process -
no doubt.
2. It may be a theoretical question whether the decision would have been
the same in case there were non-US candidates from the CPH.
3. The GNSO - when it developed the endorsement process - included with
intent the diversity criteria to ensure input to the AOC review teams in
particular from the &quot;policy related&quot; community as being
diverse. That time it was already clear that the full slate of
candidates coming from all SOs/ACs could cope with the diversity
criteria. If the GNSO as a whole is willing to follow your argumentation
then we should initiate revising the endorsement process by removing the
present council's role to oversee the diversity balance. It would save a
lot of time and annoying discussions.

Best regards


-----Original Message-----
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 10:19:42 +0100
Subject: Re: [council] GNSO ATRT2 Applicants (minor change to improve
From: Volker Greimann &lt;vgreimann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;
To: Jonathan Robinson &lt;jonathan.robinson@xxxxxxxxxxx&gt;

Dear Jonathan,

       thank you for making sure the process remains on track despite
the       difficult deadlines and our inablility to resolve this early
on       our last call. During the Amsterdam meeting the RrSG
councilors       have met and discussed the ballot, and we have
elected to abstain       on a vote on the two additional candidates. 
We believe the GNSO       has endorsed four candidates for the ATRT
that are highly capable       for the role. The questions of
geographic and gender diversity are       fully available to the
Chairs of the Board and GAC through the       full slate of candidates
from all parts of the community.

       Best regards,

       Volker Greimann


        The             GNSO Council has now received endorsements from all
four             SGs.           

        As             a reminder, the GNSO process is as follows:         

        The             Council will consider the resulting list of up to
four             nominees at its next teleconference. If the list does
not             meet the above mentioned diversity objectives, the
Council             as a whole may choose to endorse up to two
additional             candidates from the applicant pool who would
help to give             the list of GNSO nominees the desired
balance. In this case,             the Council would hold a vote
during its teleconference,             with sixty percent support of

        houses             represented in the Council being required for
endorsement.             If no candidate obtains that level of
support, the list of             endorsements obtained via the
bottom-up process of             stakeholder group nominations will be
deemed final and             forwarded to ICANN.         

        Please             note:         

        ·         The             candidate list meets the GNSO agreed gender
diversity             requirements in that not all endorsed candidates
are of the             same gender.         

        ·         However             it does not meet the GNSO agreed
geographic diversity             requirements in that all endorsed
candidates are from a             single (North America) ICANN region.

        Therefore             the slate needs to be added to with (up to two)
additional             SG supported candidates in order to get closer
to meeting             geographic diversity requirements.         

        The             two SG supported candidates that assist us in meeting
this             requirement are:         

        Marie-Laure                     Lemineur                             


        Latin                     America                                    


        Olivier                     Mouron                                   




        Therefore             we will ballot the Council on list (since a
teleconference             is now not practical ahead of the deadline)
in order to see             if either or both (of Marie-Laure         
   Lemineur             and Olivier             Mouron)            
have the support of 60% of both houses of the Council.         

23H59 UTC                 TODAY (24TH JANUARY 2013). THE BALLOT WILL  
              CLOSE 23H59 UTC ON 26TH JANUARY.         



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