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[council] Re: GNSO members at JIG

  • To: Edmon Chung <edmon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx GNSO" <council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [council] Re: GNSO members at JIG
  • From: Stéphane Van Gelder <stephane.vangelder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 09:41:08 +0100
  • Cc: Jian Zhang <jian@xxxxxxxxx>
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Thanks Edmon.

I am copying the Council for their information.

Glen, can I ask that you contact each of the existing members directly and ask 
them on my behalf if they would like to remain as GNSO reps to the JIG?



Le 9 févr. 2012 à 02:44, Edmon Chung a écrit :

> Hi Stéphane,
> As part of the efforts to reinvigorate the participation at the JIG, would 
> like to refresh the 5 official members from the GNSO (based on the joint 
> charter, the JIG is formed by 10 official members, 5 from the GNSO and 5 from 
> the ccNSO along with other observers) and also call for more volunteers to 
> join the discussion.
> Currently the 5 official members listed from the GNSO are:
> Edmon Chung
> Rafik Dammak
> Terry Davis
> Karen Anne Hayne 
> June Seo
> We are especially hoping to get more participation with the ongoing work on 
> Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs.  This is an issue that affects all new 
> gTLDs as well with particular concern for IDN TLDs, which also makes it an 
> issue of common interest with the ccNSO (with the introduction of IDN 
> ccTLDs).  In brief, it is the issue of technical barriers faced by new gTLDs, 
> e.g. where some software filters do not recognize new TLDs, databases e.g. 
> facebook profiles not accepting URLs and emails with non legacy TLDs, etc.
> Perhaps another round of call for volunteers as well as a refresh of the 5 
> official members would be useful.  I can say that I am happy to continue to 
> remain on the group and Rafik has also been participating actively.  
> Wondering if Terry, Karen and June would like to continue to serve or others 
> may be interested to join.
> Much thanks for the attention.
> Edmon

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