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Re: [council] Proposed letter on extra support for Seoul meeting


Since, if I understand correctly, several council members have objected to my sending this letter I cannot assume we have consensus on it. I will bring this up at the next meeting unless we seem to reach consensus on the list before then.


On 27 Jul 2009, at 05:44, Avri Doria wrote:


At the last meeting I was asked to communicate with the Board requesting special consideration for travel at the next mtg. As I suggested at the time, I think it better to send this to Kevin Wilson, the CFO, as he is in charge of the policy and is responsible for granting exceptions.

Of course if it is the will of the GNSO and the GNSO Council that I send this to the Board, as well or instead, then I will do so.

Given what happened the last time I sent a letter with a 2 day notice, I am going to send this letter 14 days after the last significant edit. If there are no edits to the suggested wording or objections to the sending of the letter, I will send it on: 10 august.


Letter to Kevin Wilson,

I have been mandated by the GNSO council to request support not only for the members of the new bi-cameral council to be seated at Seoul, but also for those current council members who may not be continuing on the new council due to the reorganization.

The reason this request is being made is to provide continuity to the GNSO council at this time of restructuring, reorganization and 'improvement.'

Thank you
Avri Doria
for the GNSO Council

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