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Re: [council] Draft charter for IRTf Paart A PDP WG charter

On 10 Jul 2008, at 17:42, Olof Nordling wrote:

Avri, Chuck, all,
Starting with Chuck's item 2 - I fully agree that it's a real squeeze. Let's recall that the PDP rules set out 15 days for this (constituency statements due at T+35 and Initial Report due at T+50) and even that isn't easy, although doable (based on experience;-).

makes sense, especially since that is still the by-laws timing.

Then, recalling what we did for the IDN WG, we used the term Outcomes Report (in drafts 1 to n until we got consensus, then calling it "final", or rather skipping the prefix "draft" - this in order to save the expression Final Report to something endorsed by the Council.

I have long thought of Final report as name required by the by-laws for the document that is produced after the constituency reports and before the deliberations, and not an indicator of ordinality.

In any case I have modified the milestones to try and take care of these issues.

Just my two Euro-cents on this for now.

I await further euros.

Best regards



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