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Re: [council] draft of 1 slide report


Thanks for the reply.

I am not sure I now what you mean about "comment period ended yesterday" While we had an informal comment period, we did not have a formal ICANN comment period. And I thought that yesterday we decided to ask for a formal comment period.

While it is true that we could decide in the absence of a Board decision, my understanding from our meeting the other day was that several constituencies, at this point were uncomfortable with making any decisions on process until they knew the final substance of the Board's decision.

- how about: Tabled until next meeting. Waiting for end of formal comment period and board decision.

In relation to the IDNC comment, the council has not yet considered whether or in what way we will consider this, so I am not sure how I can say we will. Also I am not confident that the council is anywhere close to consensus on this issue yet.


- how about: other definitions moved to a future PDP effort dealing with related policy issues.

thanks for the comments


On 26 Jun 2008, at 08:35, Gomes, Chuck wrote:


Note that the comment period ended yesteday for GNSO Improvements so you
might want to change the second bullet to say "tabled until after
board decision", although I don't recall us being that specific.  What
if the Board decision takes several months?  It seems to me that we
might be able to take a vote on the plan at one of our next two meetings
regardless of whether the Board decision was made; the vote could be
again delayed but we would at least consider like we did yesterday.

Under IDNC, do we want to note that the issue of county/territory IDN
names will be considered further in response to GAC concerns.  I
personally think this would be good to communicate but am comfortable
with your decision.

For IRTP, I suggest you change "other definitions pulled from PDP until related issues can be resolved" to "other definitions moved to a yet to
be initiated PDP".


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SO reports are down to one required slide.

here is my draft.

comments welcome, though there isn't much time.


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