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Re: [council] Re: Draft Schedule for GNSO related meetings in LA

Thanks, Avri, for your response.

I share your view that we have a lot of work but we are not in a mess.

Maybe I can say so quite relaxed, because we might have to say that in
Cambodia, we and the country are in a continuing mess - which is
somewhat true - but that does not mean we are not also trying to be
responsible - and that is: to respond to what is required as well as we can.

Best greetings form Cambodia - and if anybody wants to read what I mean
from here, have a look at the editorial which I just wrote for this
week's Mirror:




Avri Doria wrote:
> Hi,
> A few responses:
> On 19 okt 2007, at 10.34, Philip Sheppard wrote:
>> I do understand the mess we are in with no decisions taken at the
>> last call and a Council
>> meeting now blended in with a public forum.
> I do not beleive we are in a mess.  I am sorry you do.  I believe we
> have a lot of work to do.  And we have to do it as appropriately as
> possible.
>> However, it is not appropriate to use the Sat and Sun meetings as
>> substitute Council
>> meetings.
> I do not understand why it is not appropriate for these to _be_
> council meetings.  There is no rule that says we can have only 1
> meeting while in a face to face meeting.  I think that we can use our
> time as profitably as possible and if that involves having more hours
> of meeting, I see no rules that bar it.
> Now if most of the council members believe that it is inappropriate,
> that is a different story.
>> Firstly, our by-laws require an agenda and 7 days notice: ie
>> certainty not maybe it is,
>> maybe it isn't.
> We have an agenda as of now and there is still more then a week before
> each of those meetings.  and I did mention that any motions would have
> to be submitted in advance other then minor ones (e.g. we vote to
> thank X for Y. or we need a sub group to do draft Z).  As is always
> the case.
>> Secondly, the Sat and Sun meetings come BEFORE Constituency meetings:
>> surely the reason for
>> delaying the decision making at our last call, was to be able to
>> discuss in the
>> Constituencies?
> Yes, and i was not suggesting we make any major decisions that have
> never been discussed before.  On each possible decisions, as was done
> in the past, the council members can indicate whether they are ready
> or not for a vote and whether they need to take the issue back to
> their constituencies.  So I am not suggesting anything different then
> what we have done in the past.  And if no one suggests any significant
> motions in time for the meeting, then there won't be any significant
> motions that might need constituency pre-discussion.
> I am aware that some decisions are of such a major importance that
> council members need to go back to the constituencies before they can
> vote.  On the other hand, there are other decisions, e.g. to
> constitute an ad hoc group to do something,  that may be possible for
> a council member to vote on without returning for specific instructions.
>> Thirdly, whereas I am all in favour or improving outreach in the
>> public forum, it is not
>> acceptable to compromise the integrity of our Council meeting as a
>> result. Either we can
>> achieve what Council must or we cannot. If the new format stops
>> Council functioning, the new
>> format needs revisiting.
> Are you suggesting that it does compromise the council's integrity? 
> Certainly after we have tried this format once, we should review it
> and can either fine tune it or change.  We are doing this as a
> response to comments that were made by the commenting community, so I
> suggest we see if it works before we decide that it compromises our
> integrity.  And yes, a change in one place, may require
> some concomitant changes in other places.
>> So, to end on my usual positive note.
>> By all means lets use Sat and Sun to discuss the issues, but with no
>> votes.
> I would like to hear other council member's opinions on this last
> point (on any of the points really, but especially on this last one)
>> Then, the time needed on the actual Council meeting (Wed Oct 31) can
>> be short and sweet to
>> do the voting.
> Well we still need to listen to what is said by the community and then
> consider what has been said before voting.
> thanks
> a.
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