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Re: [council] Role of the GNSO vice chair


I thought we had already made a resolution on the role of Vice Chair and had decided to leave the definition general.

Having said that, I have _no_ problem with the council deciding it wants to carve out specific issues as being the vice-chairs responsibility. It was not the way I was looking at it - I tend to view the chair/vice-chair as a partnership where we work together and whichever one has the time or inclination to take the lead on a particular issue takes it, but we both discuss and help each other in the process. But specific areas of responsibility is also a reasonable approach.

Now, some of those issues are great issues and if we take them on, I would love for Chuck to take the lead on them if he is so inclined.

- the budget issue. As far as I understand, e.g., while there may be some funding for some inter-sessional support, there has never been a formal request for funding for constituencies' participation at quarterly, annual or other meetings - and hence it is not in the budget. If this is something that the council wants to request formally, then it will take some concentrated effort to see that it happens given the type of process ICANN uses to develop its budget. This would apply to any other sort of budget influence the council might need.

e.g. - projects to improve efficiency. These are certainly needed and very time consuming to organize and follow up on.

On things like scheduling, i think we will both need to be involved as it seems to be a most complex issue where the answer one sometimes gets is 'the staff will decide'. It can therefore take a concerted and persistent effort to put forward an argument to influence that staff decision.

I will put this item under AOB on the agenda and we can discuss how we wish to proceed with it.



On 9 jul 2007, at 17.34, Gomes, Chuck wrote:

You mean this isn't just a status position? !!! :)

Like I said in the poition statement I sent to the Council list before I
was elected, I am ready to serve at Avri's and the Council's direction
in whatever ways I can add value.  There may be things that Avri would
rather take the lead on and I am sure she will comment on the
suggestions below.

Chuck Gomes

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Council, now that we have a vice chair should we formally
agree an internal role for the position ?
Chuck and Bruce started this discussion a little way back.

Allow me to restart based on Bruce's original.
How do we and the chair and vice-chair feel about this ?

Role of Vice-chair of the GNSO Council
1) Meetings
- work with staff to schedule GNSO related meetings at each
major ICANN meeting, as well as help plan any inter-sessional

(2) Operating planning
- work with staff to develop the budget for GNSO related
expenses to feed into ICANN's annual operational plan/budget
e.g travel costs, as well as work with staff to plan for both
staff and GNSO volunteer resources for various projects (task
forces, working groups etc).

- identify projects that provide efficiency improvements (e.g
website updates, new use of collaboration tools,  document
management systems etc.)

- work with staff to maintain a rolling 12 month
operational/work plan and ensure we don't over commit
projects to the available resources.

(3) Deputise for the chair when the chair is unavailable.

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