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Re: [council] Background for agenda Item 8 - Planning for LA

Hello Chuck and everyone

Great thoughts. I wonder if the Council could think further about the different audiences that need to addressed? Is it the Council's/ Committee's intention to one big shebang or do more bespoke presentations for different audiences.

Given our regular scheduling challenges it would be really great to hear about what is first priority and receive suggestions about how to structure sessions which are most useful for all involved?

Of course, we can do whatever the Council is happy with but plenty of prior notice gives us the best chance of putting everything into a format that will be successful.


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On 10 Jul 2007, at 18:55, Gomes, Chuck wrote:

I am one who strongly advocates an extensive tutorial session regarding
the new gTLD recommendations in L.A.  One of the things that was
terribly obvious in San Juan was the large amount of misunderstanding
and confusion about the full set of recommendations. We only had time to focus on a few and there was not enough interaction. If we do not have time to answer people's questions from all parts of the community, I am afraid that there may be reservations about moving the process forward. On the other hand, if we have plenty of time for interactive discussions about peoples' concerns, then I believe that most will become much more
comfortable with the work we have done.

I also believe that it would be very good to schedule such a session so
that GAC members and Board members can participate.  The GAC will
undoubtedly develop a statement in L.A. regarding new gTLDs in response
to the Board report that will be sent to them in September; the more
opportunity they have to gain understanding the better.  Also, it was
clear in San Juan that several Board members had misconceptions about
the full set of recommendations, so it is critical that they also get
their questions answered.

We need to recognize that most of us have been working with this for
over a year and a half.  We have grappled with all of the issues that
people are raising but it is not possible to adequately deal with them
for those who have not been part of the process in a two hour session or
for that matter in a four hour session.

Chuck Gomes

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Item 8: Initial planning for LA (10 min)

8.1 Review suggestion for full day equivalent session on New gTLD
recommendations It has been suggested that it would be
useful to do a
full day's meeting (perhaps split into two sessions on
different days)
to cover all of the recommendations in the New gTLD PDP
that will have
been sent on to the board by then. Different council members could
take leadership of discussion section on each of the

The reason for this suggestion is that the recommendations
will have been sent on to the board by this time and the
subject matter will be under discussion during the meeting.
The thought was that some of the recommendations are complex
and would gain from a council explanation of the thinking
behind the resolutions and the implications for
implementation.  This session would be cast as an extended
tutorial in terms of explanation and Q&A.

The council needs to decide if we support this
recommendation.  If so, we need to start planning.  One issue
that has come up regarding this session is the reality of a
crowded M-F schedule.  An option that has been mentioned
involves doing this session on Sunday before the meeting.
This would mean either cutting the GNSO pre-session work to a
single day, which may not be a problem, or starting earlier
- on Friday.  The council should decide on this as soon as
possible in order to allow announcements and scheduling if we
decide that we want to do this.

8.2 - suggestion for restructuring Public Forum + Public meetings

Proposal to try an experiment with the Public Forum and
public council
meeting in LA. Instead of the current arrangement of a meeting for
listening and then a meeting for talking, we could divide a 4 hour
meeting up into topical sections. Each topic could then be
to include:
- Constituency Overview on the Topic
- Public comment on the topic
- Council discussion and resolution on the Topic.

This recommendation comes out of a desire to respond to the
frustration expressed in the GSNO Open Forum in SJ.


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