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RE: [council] GNSO Website

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Alick, thanks for your email about wsis-online. As you might imagine, I am a
user of that site, as I am of the gNSO and ICANN sites. 

It is always interesting to consider other well used/frequently visited
sites engaged in information provision, encouraging participation, etc., ?..
We might also want to look at the wgig site? as well as the ITU site, and
many other sites, before picking a model for further changes in the ICANN


But, this is a site well worth visiting, and considering. Thanks for calling
it to our attention. I?ve added in a few folks who might also want to give a
?look?, since they are part of any ability to influence any changes in the
ICANN site. 


As to the gNSO site, we should be thinking about what we can learn from this
site for our own site, I agree! The really interactive nature of wsis-online
may be a little inappropriate for us/as council, but referring people to our
constituencies sites, where they should be able to get involved is key. 



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I think WSIS-Online http://www.wsis-online.net/about/ is worth a look. It is
an interesting contrast to the GNSO (and ICANN) website.

Further comments from people involved in WSIS appreciated.



What is wsis-online ?

A community platform to connect all actors addressing the issues of the
World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

Is this for me ?

Yes. wsis-online is at the service of all : public authorities, private and
civil society actors as well as international institutions are welcone on
this platform. 

What is the main PURPOSE of the platform ?

To help actors CONNECT with one another. Many people like you are doing
great things but nothing puts them in contact with others that could be
interested in, promote or support what they do. That is our mission :
provide the tools to facilitate interaction between people. 

What are the main FUNCTIONS of the platform ?

*       to help identify "Who Does What" in the different issues on the
*       to help actors network around their issues of common interest or
*       to facilitate inclusive consultations on policy issues 
*       to promote an facilitate concrete projects

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Dear Councillors,

Reminder!  Comments due by 12 February. So far 2 comments have been received
2, thank you very much, but others would be most welcome. 

Regarding recommendation 20 of the GNSO Council review: The GNSO Council
should overhaul the website so that it better meets the needs of all who are
interested in the work of the GNSO.

In an effort to improve the website, it would be most useful to have an idea
of what your requirements are for the website. Perhaps the following
headings may help focus your comments:

1. Structure - do the custom constituency pages help or hinder?

2. Navigation - how can it be improved on the ICANN web site in general? Can
you easily get what you want from the GNSO home page?

3. Content - should there be a simpler menu for basic information on ICANN
on the ICANN home page? And a similar menu for the GNSO home page?

4. Accessibility - do you ever have connectivity problems?

5. New Ideas - is there content missing? If so what?

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat

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