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Re: [registrars] Godaddy cancels a confirmed transfer because of whois privacy?

Rob Hall wrote:
I have a dumb question.
If the Registrant is "Domains by Proxy", the godaddy service, then how did you get permission to transfer the domain ? I have never seen "Domains by proxy" answer a transfer request in the affirmative. Given that they are the Registrant, and you need their permission to transfer the domain, how did you get the proper response to the transfer authorization email you had to send out ?

I don't think it's a dumb question at all.

We think (at a guess) that the admin contact email address which is


forwards to the end user, so it forwarded the transfer request, they approved it, and then it was denied afterwards, this is where it gets dicey because from the openHRS side (we use the Tucows HRS backend) it looks like it's "pending registry approval".

That's why we can't resubmit the transfer request now that the godaddy customer has turned off whois privacy.

So long as "Domains by proxy" is the legal Registrant, they are the ones you need permission from, and they are the ones that must say yes to the transfer authorization email.

Which I guess is their rationalization for denying it, however, something still sent the message back to our side that it was approved, this is why I'm confused as to what exactly is going on.

If you applied for a transfer from your Registrar without "domains by proxy" giving you the thumbs up to the Authorization email, then it may be you and not Godaddy who is in violation of the transfers policy. No one else can possibly authorize the transfer other than "domains by proxy". Anyone else claiming to be the Registrant is simply wrong.

I don't recall even mentioning a violation of the transfers policy. I'm just trying to debug a purely operational snag.

But as far as I know, the admin email contact is a valid FOA, so if that email address forwards to somebody who ultimately approved it, how would that violate the transfers policy?

mark, they just need to cancel the privacy and they will revert to the
registrant of record. let me know if there is any problem after that
and i will handle it myself.

Tim, that's been done but the transfer still seems to be "pending registry approval", because for some reason it *looks* like it has been approved on the godaddy side, so is there anyway we can find out for sure? While it's in that state we can't resubmit the request from here.

I have some more data I can send you offlist that may assist debugging.



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