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RE: [registrars] Variations on the current domain name model - proposed registrar workshop for Luxembourg

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  • Subject: RE: [registrars] Variations on the current domain name model - proposed registrar workshop for Luxembourg
  • From: "Bhavin Turakhia" <bhavin.t@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 22:35:52 +0530
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Hi all,

I share partly the opinion that indeed any such abuse of the Add Grace
period should be controlled.

Ross is not entirely wrong about one aspect though, which you too have
highlighted below -

> VeriSign, have the power to have addressed this long ago and 
> have failed to act.
> Frankly, I don't understand why, although I have heard its rationale.
> Clearly you are right that they should take the lead. 

We clearly had a discussion about this I believe at argentina. I think Chuck
gomes from Verisign or someone else was actually reversing the problem and
putting it onto us.

Our question to the Registries was - "Why are you not doing anything about
the Add Grace abuse". I had personally put forth the point as to how several
Registrars were slamming the Registry with thousands of Add commands and
then deleting the domain names

Tim Ruiz had added to my comments the fact that some of them are gaming the
system to the extent of actually deleting and reregistering the same domain

Despite this their question to us was - "Do they really want us to solve
this issue at all"

Infact I think I remember verisign stating categorically that the Add Grace
abuse was not an ISSUE to them in terms of handling the load. Verisign
stated that they had spoken to multiple registrars about this add grace
abuse and they had recvd mixed opinions about whether Verisign should do
something about it or not.

In the end the conclusion was that they will pretty much do nothing except
send out flimsy warnings in some occassions unless ALL of us Registrars want
them to do something about it. They currently did not have a consensus from
the registrars.

It clearly showed to me that they don't care about the add grace abuse. They
make revenue due to it because names get registered. And it seems the load
to them is not a big issue.

Infact all this time we have been having lengthy discussions on the Add
grace abuse I have not seen any Registry take active participation in the
discussion and actually want to do something about it

It therefore seems to me that they are not really going to do anything about
it probably because they have run some numbers and it is actually ending up
as a profitable practice to them than a loss making proposition atleast
until now

On a lighter vein - If we as registrars REALLY want them to do something
about this, the best way maybe for Netsol, and Rcom and godaddy and all of
us to begin exploiting the add grace period :) .....

My two bits


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