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Re: [registrars] Domain Registry of America

Champ - most of what you say is quite accurate, but on the following point, I'd like to make a small correction to your statement:

Mitchell, Champ wrote:

Over the years ICANN has had the opportunity to address this issue, even
though DROA is not a registrar, and has failed to do so.

Over the years the Registries were the only ones in a position to deal with the issue of fraudulent transfers. ICANN has only been in a position to deal with transfer complaints since November. Based on the information available, they have engaged in far more enforcement activity in the last five months than all of the registries combined in the last five years.

I don't disagree that there's a problem here, but it isn't helpful to villify those that are actually helping us out.


P.S. - I also don't think that ICANN has ever publicly asked to be a regulator. In fact, whenever I use the "r" word in the presence of an ICANN staff or board member, they shrivel up pretty good at the notion. They do exert a lot of influence over our business as a registrar, but they sure aren't the CRTC.



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