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Re: [registrars] .net thick/thin discussion

Larry Erlich schrieb:

Jens Wagner wrote:
This should be proposed as an EPP extension anyway. At least one line of
text per domain name should be usable for such purposes.

There would have to be at least two lines of text
per domain. One for the registrar with full contact
information and one for the reseller. But I am still in favor
of a thin model. Keep in mind that our whole system is setup
as a thick model and I would rather not have to have the
expense of re-writing our whole system to accomodate this change.
I don't think you can assume that this is trivial for many
registrars. This will be expensive.
How do you handle .org, .biz and .info right now? They are thick, too.

This is up to the registry. However there should be a webinterface that
shows all informations 'pretty-printed'.

Doesn't handle the situation where another entity wants to query
port 43 to display the information without creating their
own routine to "pretty-print" the info. In other words it will
only be nicely human readable if viewed through the registry
web interface but not through another entities web interface.
Usually every registrar has its own "pritty-print" routines right now.
How do you display .com/.net whois data of other registrars, or whois data for .biz/.info domains?

 -  jens

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