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Re: [registrars] FW: Invitation to join the Transfer Assistance Group

On 8/13/2003 4:06 PM Elana Broitman noted that:

Dear Registrars - Please note that 4 registrars have been invited by ICANN to participate in the Transfers Assistance Group: Paul Westley, Ross Rader, Bruce Tonkin, and myself.  As you can see below, this is only an advisory group, not charged with policy making or implementation.  As such, under Registrar Constituency bylaws, it did not require a formal eleciton.  The bylaws call for election to task forces, ExCom and the GNSO Council.

This strikes me as a self-serving and overly narrow interpretation of our bylaws. I have two questions;

1) Does this mean that we no longer require elections to put forward constituency members as participants in all other "committees" that have finite appointment requirements? (ie - are not open to all registrars?)

2) Did a) ICANN simply pick these names out of a hat or b) did the Executive Committee simply put these names forward without consulting the membership?

If the answer to 1) is yes and the answer to 2) is "b" then we should probably just throw out the bylaws and drop the pretense that this constituency has any legitimacy.



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