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Re: [ga] Fwd: RAA working group observers Inegroup concerns

>   I have sent the following in response from many,
> and increasing numbers of our members whom receive
> through Jeff's kindness, any and all ICANN related
> correspondance members individually request.  Our members
> have become increasingly concerned about Mr. Eric Dierkers
> statements.  I felt I should as member coordinator for INEGroup
> notify you of this concern independantly.


> Jeffrey A. Williams
> Spokesman for INEGroup LLA. - (Over 277k members/stakeholders strong!)

Help me out folks, please. Who/what is INEGroup?

googling around, www.inegroup.net appears to be the closest thing to a
home page I could find, but it appears to be a parked domain (or
something similar).

Does the group not have a home page, describing who/what it is?

Also, googling for "INEG Jeff Williams" leads me to (first hit!):


which raises some interesting questions.

Help me out folks. Is INEGroup for real? 


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