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Re: [ga] IAB Exonerates Jefsey Morfin

At 16:42 08/02/2006, Danny Younger wrote:
>From the Ruling:

"The IAB found that the response provided by the IESG
in this action did not provide sufficient
justification to sustain the banning of Mr. Morfin
from the ietf-languages mailing list. In particular,
while the IAB agrees with the IESG that no specific
mailing list process RFCs directly apply in this case,
its response is not sufficiently clear why RFC 3934 is
considered applicable "by analogy". Further, it is
also unclear from the IESG's response what the scope
of applicability of RFC 3934 might be, or when other
process RFCs might be applied "by analogy". Therefore,
the IESG's action does not meet the clear and public
requirement outlined above and the IAB annuls the
IESG's decision in this appeal and sends the matter
back to the IESG for resolution."


Congratulations to Jefsey for prevailing in this matter.

In fact this is a small part of a long battle wich will change the whole Internet and computer industry architecture and business model. The emergence today of my 1985 business area. The "extended services", to the networked content and to the people intellect. I oppose a commercial vision of the world shaped by a Key RFC co-signed and co-applied by Google and Yahoo!. And may be co-operated through a co-own IANA. Together with the other members of their top stakeholders consortium. After ICANN closes shop and the IANA is possibly operated by them. Vint Cerf buying back the IANA in October? Who knows?

The Internet eventually needs some money to operate. That money will come from commercial informations pourred into categorized receiving brains. The human mass profiling on cultural, racial, religious criteria as well as economical, national, political, societal, etc. calls for precise elements to sort the prospects in finely tuned groups of prospects. This is under completion at the IETF WG-LTRU mainling list. The standardization of the description of our "purchaising soul", so we can be traded by these two big wholsales centers.

I am alone to oppose this. Step by step, painstakingly, I win. I do not win on them. I win for us to be authorized to survive without falling into their trap. If we want. Without hopefully balkinizing the US Internet. Amazing: billions at stake. And M$ has not seen it: they initiated it and went away!

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