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Re: [ga] A Call for Resignations

  • To: Danny Younger <dannyyounger@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [ga] A Call for Resignations
  • From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 00:16:20 -0800
  • Cc: ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, vb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, icann board address <icann-board@xxxxxxxxx>, Kathy Smith <KSMITH@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Esther Dyson <edyson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, denise michel <denisemichel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Organization: INEGroup Spokesman
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Danny and all former DNSO GA members or other stakeholders/users,

  Danny,  your only about a year and a half behind the curve. I have
along with our members been saying that the ALAC never was
legitimate.  It was the brain child of Esther Dyson and denise michel
and as such when the old ALOC was attempted and also failed
as did the atlarge.com as did Jupes faulty effort at forming an
at large stakeholders/users organization as they all only wanted
certain people to be "Allowed" to be members, much like a
Club with very restrictive membership rules...

  Hence Danny, you do not speak for any majority of stakeholder/users,
nor are you likely ever to be able to for many and varied reasons which
have already been voluminously articulated by many DNSO GA participants
over a fairly lengthy period of time..

Danny Younger wrote:

>    Dear members of the At-Large Advisory Committee:
> This request has been sent to each of you personally with copies
> forwarded to each member of the ICANN Board, to the At-Large Forum, to
> committee[at] alac.icann.org, to the ICANN Ombudsman, to the At-Large
> Executive Director, to the General Assembly discussion list, to the
> GNSO ALAC Liaison, to the GAC ALAC Liaison, to the Chair of the GNSO
> Council, to the Chair of the ccNSO Council and to the ICANN
> Vice-President for Policy Development Support.
> I would like to begin by thanking Thomas Roessler and Esther Dyson for
> their service on the At-Large Advisory Committee and applaud their
> decision to resign in order to better pursue other endeavors.  I now
> call upon the remaining members of the At-Large Advisory Committee to
> tender their resignations.
> This is a vote of no confidence.  I believe that I speak for the
> At-Large community when I say that your service is no longer desired.
> The At-Large respects the concept of transparency; you do not.  No
> minutes of any of your meetings have ever been posted. No MP3
> recordings of any of your teleconferences have ever been provided.  No
> record of any committee vote has ever been published.  At a time when
> the world expects the entities responsible for the management of the
> domain name system to be transparent, you have chosen to operate in
> secret.  It would be honorable for you to resign.
> The At-Large believes in the exchange of dialogue with all parties in
> the ICANN deliberative process; you do not.  Messages have been sent
> to you, through the ALAC forum, through your commitee e-mail address,
> through the General Assembly discussion list, and to each of you
> individually.  You have chosen not to respond to the concerns and
> criticisms put forth by individual members of the At-Large community.
> It would be honorable for you to resign.
> The At-Large continues to advocate for the representation that was
> promised to us on the ICANN Board; you do not.  The ALAC has never
> once raised the primary issue that is central to the At-Large
> Community.  Representation is one of the four pillars of the White
> Paper.  The At-Large cannot abide by your ongoing efforts to
> substitute "participation" for the "representation" that is our due.
> It would be honorable for you to resign.
> The At-Large Study Committee found consensus for the formation of a
> Supporting Organization for the At-Large.  The At-Large supports the
> concept of an SO within which our interest can manifest; you do not.
> The ALAC has never once discussed the establishment of a Supporting
> Organization for the At-Large that elects directors to the ICANN
> Board.  The At-Large cannot stand idly by while our interests are
> being ignored.  It would be honorable for you to resign.
> The At-Large understands its composition as individuals and
> organizations not otherwise represented by ICANN's Supporting
> Organizations; you do not.  The ALAC now seeks to speak on behalf of
> Civil Society, a collectivity that is already represented by way of
> ICANN's Non-Commercial Constituency, instead of honoring its mandate
> to reflect the interests of the unrepresented in the ICANN process.
> The At-Large does not support the perversion of the ALAC mandate to
> the detriment of the real At-Large community.  It would be honorable
> for you to resign.
> The At-Large rejects the folly of fragmentation into regional
> entities; you do not.  No other constituency in the ICANN process is
> being forced to subdivide into regional groups.  We do not have an
> Asia/Pacific Business Constituency unit, nor a Latin-American, nor
> North-American, nor European nor African required subset of the
> Business Community as a prerequisite to formal participation as a
> constituent element within the ICANN process.  The ALAC's dogmatic
> pursuit of an unsustainable construct demonstrates that you are unfit
> to serve the needs of the At-Large community.  It would be honorable
> for you to resign.
> The At-Large understands that you were required by the ICANN Board to
> offer "Internet-based mechanisms that enable discussions among members
> of At-Large structures"; you do not.  The ALAC has failed to set up
> even one single mechanism for At-Large discussions.  Discussions are
> that which occur between parties; it is not exemplified by a mechanism
> that only allows you to throw a brick-with-a-note over the fence into
> a forum.  The ALAC's failure to provide internet-based discussion
> mechanisms is not only a breach of the ICANN bylaws, it is an insult
> to the At-Large on whose behalf you purportedly act.  It would be
> honorable for you to resign.
> The At-Large community has noted time and time again the failure of
> ICANN to post the minutes of its Board meetings; you have not.  The
> ALAC has never sent a statement to the Board condemning such blatant
> disregard for transparency and has never acted on behalf of the
> At-Large to ensure that bylaws are being followed.  When bylaws aren't
> being followed, when PDP status pages are never posted, when Issue
> Reports are not generated as per bylaws guidelines, when PDP Public
> Commment periods fail to materialize, this affects the At-Large that
> is denied the opportunity to effectively contribute to policy
> deliberations. The ALAC has done nothing to promote the interests of
> the At-Large as contributors in the ICANN process; we remain shut out
> of all deliberations.  It would be honorable for you to resign.
> The At-Large recognizes that the nineteen certified At-Large
> "structures" have contributed absolutely nothing to discussions
> pertaining to the domain name system; you do not.  The ALAC continues
> to point to an ongoing certification process of at-large "structures"
> as a barometer of success; we regard it as a tacit demonstration of
> failure as no tangible benefits have accrued from this process and
> there has been no demonstrated interest in forming even one single
> regional at-large organization.  If you haven't yet gotten the
> message, allow me to repeat it one last time -- it would be honorable
> for you to resign.
> There are others that can provide advice to the ICANN Board regarding
> the needs and interest of the At-Large.  While the ALAC has no defined
> term limits, it is clear to us that you have had your turn and sadly,
> your performance has not adequately served the needs of the At-Large;
> please step aside and let others get the job done.
> Sincerely,
> Danny Younger


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