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[ga] More "Stike Backs" to Verisign

  • To: General Assembly of the DNSO <ga@xxxxxxxx>, Don Evans <DEvans@xxxxxxx>, "Nancy J. Victory" <nvictory@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Robin Layton <RLayton@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Kathy Smith <KSMITH@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [ga] More "Stike Backs" to Verisign
  • From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 17:48:41 -0700
  • Cc: icann board address <icann-board@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Organization: INEGroup Spokesman
  • Sender: owner-ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All former DNSO GA members or other interested parties,

 Seems as though the uproar towards Verisign is getting louder.

See: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/09/17/1154242

  And even further it seems that wall street and investors are getting
a bad taste for Verisign suggesting that it's CEO is not very
well approved of.
See:  http://www.forbes.com/2003/05/01/cx_ceointernetpoll.html

And further still, it also seems that  http://www.pfir.org/
has a problem with Verisign as well.
See:  http://www.pfir.org/statements/vs-domain-abuse

  INEGroup members are beginning to chime in as well but
most, including myself are wondering where in the heck
is ICANN's much self vaunted BoD and staff at on these
issues amongst a host of others yet to be resolved, or
improperly resolved in accordance with stakeholders/users?


Jeffrey A. Williams
Spokesman for INEGroup LLA. - (Over 131k members/stakeholders strong!)
"Be precise in the use of words and expect percecision from others" -
    Pierre Abelard
CEO/DIR. Internet Network Eng. SR. Eng. Network data security
Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.
E-Mail jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Contact Number: 214-244-4827 or 214-244-3801

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