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Re: [ga] [WSIS] Declaration from ICANN

At 09:56 18/09/03, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
It is funny that he does not mention the third model, which is the one presently implemented: an uni-governmental organization, accountable only to one government and ignoring both its local users and the rest of the world.

Because they just want to keep that model ... and to hide that we do not need it (cf.ICP-3) :

1. The reason of exsitance of ICANN is what you say
"This commitment to a unique and authoritative root is a key part of the broader public trust to carry out the Internet's central coordination functions for the public good that is ICANN's reason for existence".

2. There may be better solutions:
"in an ever-evolving Internet, ultimately there may be better architectures for getting the job done where the need for a single, authoritative root will not be an issue."

3. ICANN will continue to hide them:
"ICANN in deference to its public trust will continue to collaborate with these citizens of the Internet community to advance the notions of a unique root system as a prerequisite to Internet stability, and to ensure that community-based policies take precedence."

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