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Re: [ga] ALAC statement on resolution of non-existing domain name s

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 15:24:49 -0400, "Neuman, Jeff"
<Jeff.Neuman@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Just one question....the ALAC has reached the conclusion that "this practice
>raises grave technical concerns" but cannot define those technical concerns.
>How can you come to a conclusion on a topic which you admit you do not have
>the knowledge to understand? 

We chose not to enter into technicalities in our official statement
because it is not our role to provide technical advice to ICANN - the
corporation has other advisory committees for that purpose.

This does not mean that "we do not have the knowledge to understand"
the topic on a technical level. Ok, I've never operated a registry,
but I have been administering Internet-connected systems for the last
eight years. Same applies to other ALAC members.
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