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Re: [ga] Verisign rushes to roll out typo-squatting system on Monday

If ICANN is concerned at all about security and stability of the internet, they will not allow this abusive monopolist to unilaterally reshape technical standards that have not met with consensus approval of affected stakeholders.

I hope a ruling like that will be enforced on all TLDs, with corresponding penalties.

In case it's not widely known, this controversial new practice by Verisign has been practiced by the PH (Philippines) ccTLD for sometime. If you enter a non existent PH domain it will forward you to an advertising page by this for-profit registry encouraging you to fork over some money to register that domain. Try it out with any-domain-of-your-choice.ph

In addition, hang around that page long enough and there are pop up Flash commercials. Damn annoying way by the for-profit registry to milk more money from the commercial exploitation of my country's TLD, but the bottom line is that all the complaints cited against the Verisign move also apply here.

- jim

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