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[ga] With Facebook's "Reporting Guide," A Step in the Right Direction

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  • Subject: [ga] With Facebook's "Reporting Guide," A Step in the Right Direction
  • From: Jeffrey Williams <jwkckid2@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 22:43:25 -0700



  The above demonstrates in some ways how important it is to self
monitor our use of the Internet and how important individual privacy
is so closely related to interpersonal security.  Yet many of our
fellow Internet users whom are or have been heavily engaged in the use
of social networking sites of various types, in this case Facebook
have been doing so from a too personal preference point of view as
they interface with others that may or may not share their personal
politics orsocial standards.  As such many of Facebook users amongst
other social networking providers or sites such as Yahoo, Myspace, and
Linkedin have been misused or have lead to abuse of others as well as
exposed to too many of same intimate or personnel information that was
intended to be only closely shared.  Facebook has taken a good
positive step here from a policy and practice point of view, let us
now hope and prey that in the execution of same that they are also
diligent as well.

  In my country you have the right to abrogate your own rights but not
the rights of others for any reason.  Seems that too many of my
countrymen/women are not fully aware of this legal right and
considered god given right by same.  Beware of personally unknown
persons as they may at times not be whom they wish you to think they
are or are more interested in gleaning in whatever manner, information
about you than truly personally sharing thoughts and ideas as if
unstated but expected privacy of same.  For me it is more easily
understood thus: Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
OR/AND one of the Ten commandments is also quite useful here: Thou
shalt not bare false witness against another.  Not long ago I was
ask/demanded to bare false witness against myself.  I of course
repeatedly refused, as to do so is not only wrong, but a sin before
god.  Enough said?

Kindest regards and god bless,
Jeffrey A. Williams
PH # 214-245-2547

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