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[ga] Widely used Web attack toolkit exploits unpatched MSXML flaw and "Firesheep"/Sidejacking attack

  • To: ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [ga] Widely used Web attack toolkit exploits unpatched MSXML flaw and "Firesheep"/Sidejacking attack
  • From: Jeffrey Williams <jwkckid2@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 08:26:55 -0700


  Happy Independence Day!

  Today it has been officially announced that we all are potentially
exposed to yet another form of "BLACKHOLE" virus attack on MSXML
services, which many if not all at some time or another use weather or
not we realize it.

  For those of you that use Wi-Fi in any way such as with your cell
phone we are now again and still exposed due to the lack of concern by
Wi-Fi providers, routinely exposed to Sidejacking via "Firesheep" or
one of it's growing number of variants.

  For those of you that are Americans, again your privacy and security
have been put at risk and some of those that have the special
responsibility both in the public and private sectors have perhaps not
been as diligent as they could/should have been in protecting your
freedoms which so many have paid so dear a price for you to enjoy and
consider your birth right.

  We as citizens and Internet users by choice or by need must be sure
to keep ourselves protected and diligent so that others we may
interface with will not be infected or affected by the
irresponsibility of those that provide as a business for profit or as
a public service from these potential threats and known damages that
have infected or otherwise impacted our fellow citizens egregiously
with harm.

Lest we forget, and god bless all,
Jeffrey A. Williams
PH # 214-245-2647

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