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RE: [ga] George was right. It's time to close down this list.

  • To: "GA" <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [ga] George was right. It's time to close down this list.
  • From: "Karl E. Peters" <tlda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 14:49:07 -0700

     Granted, it is important to have a place to lodge meaningful
complaints and objections. What doesthat have to do with the GA list?
     Let us ask ourselves, "If we make a lot of noise in the forest and
no one hears us, have we REALLY made a lot of noise, or have we deluded
ourselves in the belief we were making a difference while simply
deafening each other"?
     I have shifted any meaningful communication from these lists to
members of congress. While only a few, I know a few of them who actually
listen to my thoughts and might eventually make a tiny difference
somewhere. I have far less confidence in bringing about any change in
ICANN on a list ICANN set up to keep us busy and self-entertained, but
at arms length.
     This list indeed serves a purpose, however, to hone the arguments
we will make with those who care, while not worrying that anyone
important will hear and misconstrue our ideas on the list as we work to
develop and refine them for future meaningful use.

Karl E. Peters

E-Mail: karl.peters@xxxxxxxxxxx
Tel.: (843) 610-2608 (Cel.)
Tel.: (912) 638-1638 (Tel.)

> No. There are some of us who are here to protest. To offer objections.  To
> contribute to the ICANN nonsense of run away bureaucracy is a waste of
> time.  This is the only place where the official opposition can be heard.
> cheers
> joe baptista

> > As a long time participant although infrequent contributor to this list,
> > I would like to recommend that list participants follow the example of
> > George and others who have joined GNSO working groups to directly
> > contribute to the GNSO policy development work.
> >
> > Chuck Gomes

> > > Dear all,
> > >
> > > Over the last few years I have watched the steady decline of
> > > this list.  It used to be a discussion list known for robust
> > > discussions that served a purpose.
> > >
> > > Allow me to remind you why this list was created:
> > >
> > > "The GA shall be an open forum for participation in the work
> > > of the DNSO, and open to all who are willing to contribute
> > > effort to the work of the DNSO. The participants in the GA
> > > should be individuals who have a knowledge of and an interest
> > > in issues pertaining to the areas for which the DNSO has
> > > primary responsibility, and who are willing to contribute
> > > time, effort and expertise to the work of the DNSO, including
> > > work item proposal and development, discussion of work items,
> > > draft document preparation, and participation in research and
> > > drafting committees and working groups."
> > >
> > > Now ask yourself:  Where are the draft documents?  Where is
> > > there any work item proposal or development?   Where is there
> > > any research or drafting effort?  Where is the added value
> > > that this list was designed to offer?

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