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[ga] ICANN not doing it's job - top German high school scammed by INAIC

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  • Subject: [ga] ICANN not doing it's job - top German high school scammed by INAIC
  • From: Joe Baptista <baptista@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 20:54:22 -0400

This one is good.  You heard it here first. Just follow the bouncing ball.

NEWS: Top German high school dunked into INAIC scam. Could ICANN of done
more instead of sitting idly by?

German high school Gymnasium Querfurt


is the most recent victim of Herman Xennt's INAIC.com scam.


Notice that ICANN and IANA are both listed as INAIC approved registrars?
Along with the Gymnasium Querfurt? ICANN has to go to court to get off this
list and stop the scam. When it's trade marks and brands are used to
perpetuate a scam and ICANN diddles - there's a problem. ICANNs is playing a
silent part in this scam. It's reputation is being used to scam. ICANN get

Gymnasium Querfurt a distinguished German High School recognized by German
federal authorities as one of the 6 best in Germany launched GQnet an INAIC
approved registrar.


Their latest student project may soon bring them another kind of fame.
Litigation. It's all going to end in tears. And ICANN is responsible for
looking the other way and doing nothing. Shame.

In any case - one thing is for sure - they didn't do their homework at the
Gymnasium Querfurt before they signed on the bottom line with INAIC.

Now to the kids benefit at the Gymnasium Querfurt - suspect they have done
their homework since the launched - the TLD website authorized by the school
has gone poof.

p.s. - I was there.


most successful experiment in Internet history. but it was a scam. I pulled
the plug on them - why can't ICANN do it too. ICANN msut do it's part and
take seriously that it's brand name is being used in the scam and it should
sue whoever is running that INAIC web site. Get active.

Joe Baptista

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