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[ga] Re: ICANN News Alert -- Call for Expressions of Interest for 2010 Nominating Committee Chair

  • To: ICANN News Alert <communications@xxxxxxxxx>, NomComChair@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [ga] Re: ICANN News Alert -- Call for Expressions of Interest for 2010 Nominating Committee Chair
  • From: Hugh Dierker <hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 09:20:09 -0700 (PDT)

Pursuant to the rules and procedures found here; 
I nominate for the position of Chair the following diverse and completely 
capable individuals.
Their credentials, knowledge base and abilities are all readily available by 
doing simple searches of ICANN lists and forums.
Danny Younger
George Kirikos
Joe Babtista
Debbie Garside
Any deviation from the above referenced rules and procedures will be duly 
reported to the United States Department of Justice and will be considered a 
violation of the civil rights of participants.  ICANN is a contracting body 
with the United States Government and therefor all provisions of the 
Davis-Bacon Act will be strictly enforced. Further compliance with all 
provisions maintained and enforced here will be monitored and required. 
My own application for employment with ICANN was refused due to my national 
origin and is under investigation. I suggest further deviation from statutory 
and common law doctrine be avoided so as to minimize exposure to liability.
I note that ICANN, in violation of law and standards, has no Government 
contract compliance officer.
I am generally a happy and go lucky individual, however my patience is being 
tried by the employment, contracting and policy violations by ICANN.  Your 
company is benefitting and profiting from the contract it has with the US gov.  
That is my Government.  Therefor it is my rights and contractual benefits you 
are violating as sure as if you stole my wallet.
A response and assurances would be wise as I am an experienced trouble causer 
with an education, time and money. I even know how to file a Federal Civil 
Rights Violation Qui Tam action for free.
(this letter and demand are being forwarded to Jeff Williams in a hope that he 
will assist in informing the proper authorities of the statutory timelines I 
hereby invoke)

--- On Fri, 6/5/09, ICANN News Alert <communications@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: ICANN News Alert <communications@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: ICANN News Alert -- Call for Expressions of Interest for 2010 
Nominating Committee Chair
To: hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Friday, June 5, 2009, 6:06 PM

ICANN News Alert



Call for Expressions of Interest for 2010 Nominating Committee Chair

5 June 2009

ICANN is immediately seeking expressions of interest for the 2010 Nominating 
Committee (NomCom) Chair.


The NomCom Chairperson is responsible for organizing the NomCom in its 
activities to select certain ICANN Board members and individuals who will serve 
in key leadership positions within ICANN's supporting organizations (SO) and 
advisory committees (AC) in accordance with ICANN's Bylaws. The Chair is a 
non-voting member of the NomCom selected by ICANN's Board to serve until the 
conclusion of the next ICANN annual meeting. 

To properly serve as Chair, the selected individual must have: (i) adequate 
time available to undertake the role; (ii) excellent communication and 
negotiation skills to manage a committee of 22 - 23 members; (iii) a clear 
understanding of the duties and responsibilities of each position for which the 
NomCom is selecting candidates; (iv) experience on or with a Board of 
Directors; (v) strong organization and leadership skills; (vi) ability to 
remain unbiased; (vii) no conflicts of interest, and (viii) a thorough 
understanding of, and satisfy, all criteria set forth in ICANN Bylaws relating 
to the NomCom (see http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#VII). 

No person who is an employee of or is a paid consultant to ICANN (including the 
Ombudsman) shall simultaneously serve as a member of the NomCom, including the 
post of Chair. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

* Plans and schedules NomCom meetings as required. 
* Appoints non-voting Associate Chair if so desired. 
* Reports to ICANN Board on status of the NomCom. 
* Prepares and publishes the NomCom report. 
* Coordinates due diligence on nominated candidates in cooperation with ICANN's 
General Counsel and any outside firm(s) retained to perform due diligence 
* Conducts outreach with ICANN Constituencies, ACs and SOs (with Chairs of 
those groups), ICANN Board, and others. 
* With other committee members, reviews and evaluates candidate Statements of 
Interest (SOIs) and references submitted during NomCom process. 
* Ensures NomCom records are properly established, maintained and archived. 
* Approves outreach/advertising methods for attracting candidates. 
* Approves posting of NomCom announcements on ICANN website. 

For more specifics about the activities and time involvement of the NomCom 
Chair see this attached chart 

Further, for more information about the NomCom, the 2008 procedures are 
publicly available and may be found at 


All reasonable travel expenses and administrative costs incurred as a result of 
performing the duties as NomCom Chair in accordance with ICANN's policies will 
be reimbursed by ICANN upon the Chair's submission to ICANN of valid receipts 
and invoices. 

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest, which will be maintained as confidential, should be 
sent to NomComChair@xxxxxxxxx no later than 10 July 2009.


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