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[ga] Old baggage and what my Dr. means

  • To: GA <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [ga] Old baggage and what my Dr. means
  • From: Hugh Dierker <hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 12:22:07 -0700 (PDT)

About a year and a half ago. George went on a nasty little sojourn to attack my 
His goal was not to hurt me by any means as he could give a @#$@$%#.  It was to 
totally shut down the GA. Well it did not work and George is a constant 
contributor here.
http://gnso.icann.org/mailing-lists/archives/ga-200709/msg00139.html ;(also good 
read on why I am ????? some kind of chair, although footstool is more apt)
Also Sotiris attacked my credibility when I supported Danny on a multilingual 
diversity, IDN precurser, groundbreaker{MDR 2002}. In this case Sotiris was 
only trying to limit dilution of his domain name investment and keep out 
consumers as a constituency. This obviously did not work either. Way to go IDN 
and folks like Elizebeth who did the hard work.
Both attacks were basically ignored by me in order not to derail the ongoing 
greater mission. Debbie in 2007 got upset with me -- JW, Dr.Fleming and 
Cerf got upset with me in 2002. Both attacks had to do with my previous 
practice of Law, a Trial Litigator and Member in good standing of the CBA, ABA, 
I make no excuses for handling hundreds of cases. I would not trade the 
experience of working for Melvin Belli, defending 4 capital murder cases, and 
defending the rights of Homebuyers and Constitutional Free Speech Rights of 
AEEs for anything - well maybe family. It is a trip though defending the 
Mexican Mafia and a man who confesses to murdering his wife.
Complaints and charges against me?? You have got to be kidding. I was amazed I 
only had one pending when I resigned and went to Mexico for physical 
commodities work. I used to have a tear away sheet with the hotline number and 
prefilled in complaint forms to the State Bar on my office door. I represented 
folks who suffered from chronic victimism.
They wanted me to sue for them over spilt milk against their neighbor, they 
damn sure would sue a fat rich cat lawyer for clashing clothes.
My insurance Co. was Lawyers Mutual and they handled all the details and 
"trust" issues. Good God! I was a hired freakin gun. The state bar number and 
complaint are accurate in Georges post. I do remember a worker of mine being 
stabbed over a clients' money, seems it took a detour, but the client was taken 
care of as it were. 6K usd a month premium should buy some piece of mind.
As to the Dr. Doctorate title. I earned it fair and square. About 110k in 
tuition and fees, over a rather short period. BS in Philosophy NAU 1978. Juris 
Doctorate -- Thesis on the 1st amendment and unconstituional taking via "zoning 
out practice" on "undisireable" establishments. (read that, bulldozing saloons 
and peep houses in order to increase the Jones' property value next door) Yes I 
know, most "lawyers" do not take that PHD type track as Bar Examiners only want 
the JD. I graduated from California Western School of Law in the Spring of 
1983, in the 5% of my class -- oops, bottom % that is.
My full name is Dr. Eric Hugh Dierker, I reside at 2195 Village Station Way, 
San Diego, CA 92108 and my phone is 858-736-4432.
Being a lawyer in todays society is a little strange. One becomes a licensed 
lawyer in a given jurisdiction. You can see where I am going I think. There is 
no Internet or International license. So if you write someone on the net in 
Texas when you are licensed in CA. you are in serious violations of ethics and 
law. If you are not licensed but are educated and do not charge a fee as a 
lawyer (maybe a consultant) you are clear and good to go.
I wonder how Microsofts lawyers even think about giving the corporate advice, 
as soon as they say it in Oregon it is advice in Japan and New York. And lordy 
knows they are paid for it. To me the added expense and ass covering (cya) 
those guys resort to is silly.
Now when no one cares there it is. Not important but on the record.


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