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Re: [ga] Suspension for one month

  • To: jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Joe Baptista <baptista@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [ga] Suspension for one month
  • From: Hugh Dierker <hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 17:22:12 -0700 (PDT)

Let me just take this one thing at a time. Let me also remind you Jeff that I 
will post any of these emails, up to three, on the list if you wish.

jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:     Joe and all,

These complaints are a very fine line yes and the line puts Jeff out of bounds, 
I doubt it would have mattered if it were a gross line. in accordance
with "Proposed Rules" which are not posted on any official
ICANN web site,who made this rule?, it is nonsense, are of questionable legal 
standing re: Lorain, this is gibberish without a full citation to whatever this 
"Lorain" is.
and were in accordance with these "Proposed Rules" anyway with
the exception of the missing "OT" on one post.Jeff you deny the list rules 
exist based on a case you will not cite and then you invoke them for 
protection.  Totally fallacious logic. Besides you went over five on more than 
one occasion without designation or permission, look it up. Seems more
like a vendetta thing to me.
  But what amazes me most is the complete lack of contrition and showing of any 
intent to live within the rules. Plato set it out in the Republic, and Jeff you 
have chosen civil disobedience as your method of protest. You have 
intentionally violated the rules in order to get your point accross. You even 
claimed them unenforceable. By all logic you must suffer and pay the 
consequences of such act or it is merely the workings of an "outlaw".
  However as I said I will leave this open for a bit.
  as Chair

-----Original Message-----
>From: Joe Baptista 
>Sent: Sep 3, 2007 10:40 PM
>To: Hugh Dierker 
>Cc: Jeff Williams , GA 
>Subject: Re: [ga] Suspension for one month
>I support the suspension based on two complaints received to date from:
>Hugh Dierker on 25/08/2007 in which complaint said that Mr. Williams 
>"recent postings as being disruptive. In particular posting falsities 
>with the specific intent that they disrupt ongoing activity on this list."
>Danny Younger on 02/09/2007 complained that Mr. Williams "posted to the 
>GA list on eight occasions within a 24 hour period on September 1 in 
>violation of the GA rules." This was confirmed.
>I however would recommend that the suspension be for a period of two 
>weeks. This is in accordance with the list rules in which first 
>offensers are suspended for two weeks. Which see section 4 at URL:
>Kindest regards
>Joe Baptista
>Hugh Dierker wrote:
>> As List Monitor and Chair I hereby suspend the posting privileges of 
>> Jeff Williams for a period of one month. This decision is not taken 
>> lightly. It is not taken on a single post. It is not taken on a single 
>> violation of grounds or provisions.
>> The action is taken on the totality of this posters posts over the 
>> last month. Clear grounds include but are not limited to posting 
>> limits violations, threats of legal action, disruptive posting, direct 
>> insults and a clear intent to discourage other participants from 
>> exercising their rights to post, in a peaceful fashion. I am also 
>> mindful of a stated intent to continue this disruptive posting. 
>> Activity and sanctions on other ICANN lists were also noted.
>> The worst and yet perhaps not technically a violation is the constant 
>> placing of the GA, the GNSO and ICANN and their members in disrepute 
>> and a bad light, with absolutely no discernible benefit to anyone.
>> The appeal time begins now and any and all appeals should be addressed 
>> to me personally and not the GA list. You may appeal as much as you 
>> please but the Chair will only entertain three emails on the subject. 
>> All of such correspondence shall be understood to be available for 
>> public viewing, it will not be private.
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