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  • Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 17:00:11 -0500
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Here is the final list of survey questions to be provided to companies in other industries who provide online services regarding their data verification practices.  No one provided any comments to this proposed draft so let's go with it.


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has formed a task force to determine appropriate practices to verify the accuracy of domain name registrant data known as "WHOIS" data.  The Task Force involved with studying and making recommendations to ICANN regarding data verification practices is tasked with contacting companies in other industries who engage in online transactions to determine what their practices and methodologies are for determining and verifying the accuracy of the identification of customers with whom they transact business online.  The Task Force hopes to gather this information, review and summarize it, and then make a recommendation to ICANN about data verification practices which might be applied in the domain name context to ensure and verify accurate domain name registrant data.

Toward that end, we would greatly appreciate it if your company would complete the following survey and e-mail the results to tf3-survey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx by February 16, 2004.

We greatly appreciate whatever information you can provide.

Here are the questions which we would like you to address:

1.  What steps do you take to verify the accuracy of data that is submitted to your company as part of an online transaction?

2. How do you ensure that the customer's name, address and other
identifying information is correct?

3.  Do you rely on a web GUI,  template or other up front screening
mechanism to encourage the accurate listing of identifying information?

4.   Do you use credit card information and passwords to verify the
accuracy of the customer's identity and the legitimacy of the transaction?

5.  Do you believe these systems work to provide your company with a
warning about inaccurate data or  potential frauds in online transactions?

5.  Do you use in-house capabilities or retain outside services to provide
verification services?  What are the approximate costs?

6.  What steps do you take when you learn that your customer data may be inaccurate or instances of fraud are reported?

7.  Do you have a process in place for receiving reports of inaccuracies or
fraud?  What is that process?

Once you have completed the survey, please e-mail the results to tf3-survey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx by February 16, 2004.

We appreciate your time in completing this survey.

ICANN Whois Task Force 3 - Data Accuracy


Brian Darville
Oblon, Spivak
(703) 412-6426

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