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Re: [dow3tf] TR: Industries/Companies to Survey Practices of Other OnlineService Providers

On 1/12/2004 11:24 AM sarah.b.deutsch@xxxxxxxxxxx noted that:

 On the transaction point, although AOL and MSN
may have millions of subscribers, most ISPs are relatively small.

Why would you be suggesting that they be used as an
industry benchmark for collecting best practices for data accuracy?

That wasn't my suggestion at all. My original message was quite clear on this - surveying a bunch of multi-national enterprises isn't going to give us a broad understanding regarding what is happening in the internet services industry. Verizon isn't C4 - the services that you each offer are very different, your scale is very different and your practices are going to be very different. We should seek to discover what the typical operator is experiencing and implementing and not exclusively focus on the top tier in a limited number of sectors.



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