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Re: [dow3tf] TR: Industries/Companies to Survey Practices of Other OnlineService Providers

On 1/12/2004 10:21 AM sarah.b.deutsch@xxxxxxxxxxx noted that:

I think you'll find ISPs' records quite accurate as evidenced
by the RIAA's recent efforts (just rejected by the Court of Appeals in the
Verizon case)  to collect subscriber information in a form subpoena from

Actually RIAA's experience with Verizon was quite exceptional. In 1999, up to 25% of an average ISPs accounts were in question as a result of poor processes and bad or inaccurate data. I suspect that this has improved over the last few years, but if the experiences of the telecommunications sector is any indication (as evidenced by the article below), it hasn't.

"Sloppy processes and a lack of focused investment are costing the world's service providers anything up to $137 billion in lost revenues each year, according to the findings of a survey into "revenue leakage" conducted by telecom consultancy Analysys.

And it seems to be a growing problem. The amount being lost to poor processes, bad credit management, fraud, incorrect call data records (CDRs), and interconnect errors has risen since the same survey was conducted in 2001. Two years ago, the loss was estimated to be worth 12.4 percent of total revenues."
- http://www.boardwatch.com/document.asp?doc_id=45306

while they sign customers up for service and have accurate customer
records, are not receiving the same number of online transactions as some

Actually its quite the opposite. Global internet subscription vastly exceeds global domain registration - AOL and MSN alone do more transactions just signing people up and renewing them than every single CNO registrar combined.

As an additional note, I just noticed that Verisign is specifically singled out on the list of survey prospects. Why? Are they doing something special that we need to dig on?



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