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Re: [dow3tf] TR: Industries/Companies to Survey Practices of Other OnlineService Providers

On 1/12/2004 9:23 AM GNSO SECRETARIAT noted that:

I think it would be helpful to identify other international companies.

I think it would be helpful to identify local and regional companies that provide internet services (i.e. - C4 Communications (http://www.c4com.com/), a regional ISP that I selected at random from a list of thousands of other ISPs.) An exclusive focus on multinational enterprises may not best suit our data gathering purposes. More than 40% of internet access services are sold by companies outside of the top ten players. Contrast this with the fact that over 85% of gTLD domain registrants buy their service from a top ten provider...)

Perhaps some assistance from the ISP constituency would get us access to the organizations that represent these important constituents in order that we can involve them in our survey effort.



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