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Re: [dow2tf] Topics to discuss

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  • Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 09:24:09 -0400
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Hi all:

Keep in mind that our goal on today's call is to discuss specific policy recommendations.

To that end, it will be hard for us to grapple with topics like "ICANN WHOIS regulation and local/laws regulations" or even "Data element publication". I'm sure that each of these topics has the potential to yield some specific policy recommendations, and I'd like to encourage Tom or Kathy (or whoever else) to try to make some specific recommendations with regards to these topics. (Similar to what Tom's done with regards to tiered access or Steve has done on his suggestions.)


On Apr 23, 2004, at 1:00 PM, KathrynKL@xxxxxxx wrote:

All, sorry to miss all the fun yesterday.  I have come to see the wisdom of what David wrote.  As much as I would like to debate the purposes of WHOIS (which I raised) and see value in Tim's concerns, I think we must move forward to the work of the TF.  The "purpose of WHOIS" was an issue raised late in the game, after the close of data gathering, by George Papapavlou in Rome.  Reluctantly, I agree that it is a bit outside our scope and certainly outside our time frame right now.

For Monday's call, I support the two topics of discussion Tom Keller has put forth:  "1.) Icann whois regulation and local laws/regulations  2.) Tiered access model (Registrars/ALAC)"  (I am not sure I agree, or even fully understand, the questions raised by Marilyn, so I would like to start with the questions as raised by Tom (the big picture) and then work together to define the details).

I would like add a number 3.) Data Element Publication (Registry/NCUC/ALAC)
Regards, Kathy

David Maher wrote:

<<We don't need to get into a discussion of the purposes of WHOIS. My
constituency (registries) has its own view of the purposes and other
constituencies have their own views. We can still work on the assigned
purposes of this TF from a basis of disagreement on the ultimate purposes
of WHOIS.>>

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