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[dow2tf] TR: [council] Policy development timelines for task forces

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  • Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 08:11:51 +0100
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>From Bruce Tonkin
Envoye : mardi 6 janvier 2004 07:30
Objet : [council] Policy development timelines for task forces

Hello All,

We are currently running 4 PDPs in parallel.

Attached is a table in Microsoft Excel format that sets out:
(1) The PDP milestones obtained from the bylaws
(2) The dates required in the bylaws referenced to the date when the
council requested an issues report for each PDP
(3) Revised dates (either relative to when various reports have actually
been complete, or as approved by Council)
(4) Actual dates

The table will be useful in assessing how realistic the timelines in the
bylaws actually are based on experience, and also in scheduling the
activities of the Council.

I would like each task force chair to update the "revised" dates for the
major PDP milestones, and fill in their own milestones to assist
cooperation between the task forces.  I have attempted to fill out the
table for task force 1 based on their list of milestones.

This will then allow the council to reach agreement on the timelines for
the task forces at the next Council meeting and then subsequently
present this to the ICANN Board for their endorsement.

The key dates that need to be approved by Council and if necessary by
the Board are:
Submission of constituency statements
Distribute Preliminary Task Force Report
Publish Task Force Report (Initial Report)
Publish Final Report

My recommendation for each PDP is to attempt to create at least a 
"Preliminary Task Force Report" containing the constituency statements,
initial public comments, and other information that has been collected
at least 7 days prior to the Rome meeting (2 March 2004).  This report
need not contain the actual policy recommendations, but will form a
useful basis to run focussed workshops during the Rome meeting to
attempt to reach a consensus to create a task force report.  This also
means that all constituency statements and data collection should be
complete by mid February 04.

We should cordinate with ICANN staff to ensure that we can schedule open
workshops with meeting rooms for each of the PDPs during the Rome
meeting.  I expect that a significant amount of time will be needed
between the publication of the preliminary task force report documenting
the postiions, and the actual policy recommendations.

Overall for each of the PDP activities we should aim for the Council to
approval new policies by the end of May, well in advance of the ICANN
meeting in early July 2004.
This will allow the Board sufficient time to review and approve the
policy recommendations.

Bruce Tonkin

Attachment: PDPdates.xls
Description: MS-Excel spreadsheet

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