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Re: [dow1tf] Review of Action Items for Task Force

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  • Subject: Re: [dow1tf] Review of Action Items for Task Force
  • From: "David Fares " <dfares@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 15:22:25 -0500
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Thanks Jeff.  Could someone send us a final copy of the 
survey so that we can send it to our respective 


From:           	"Neuman, Jeff" 
To:             	"'dow1tf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'" 
Subject:        	[dow1tf] Review of Action Items for 
Task Force
Date sent:      	Tue, 10 Feb 2004 11:56:51 -0500

> All,
> I am sending this note prior to the minutes because I would like to
> document the deliverables that are due in the coming days / weeks. 
> Please let me know if you have any questions.
> 1)  Surveys
>  a)  Each member will send out the survey to its own constituency to
> try to get the constituencies to circulate them to other entities and
> organizations.
>  b)  ICANN will look into putting a notice on its website about the
> survey.
>  c)  Glen will look into fixing typo in last sentence of the
> questionnaire (the word "our" is in there twice).
>  d)  We will circulate the list of organizations to the group and
> divide up the contacts so that we can follow up with them personally
> to ensure that they are filling out the survey.
> 2)  Needs/Justification Charts:  
>  a)  First draft of charts due to me by Thursday, Feb. 12th.  I will
> collate them into one chart and send out to group by the weekend.
>  b)  We will review chart on the next call.
>  c)  Please remember to include a third column on the chart for
> concerns about access to Whois.
> 3)  Registry/Registrar Methods for Restricting Access
>  a)  Milton, Paul S. and I will work on a second questionnaire to go
> to the Registries and Registrars on the issues involved with access to
> Whois (i.e., what the load is on our system, costs, etc.) and what
> mechanisms they have used (or are out there) to restrict access.
>  b)  Discuss draft at next meeting with goal of getting it out next
> week.
> 4)  General Comment
>  a)  We need guidance from the GNSO Council on timelines.
>  b)  We also need clarification on the terms of reference as to
> policy recommendations.  For example, the Terms of Reference does not
> ask the Task Force to make recommendations as to whether we believe
> access should be restricted and if so, how.  If we are not charged
> with making these recommendations, then who would be?
> This is just an impromptu list.  Please let me know if I missed
> anything.
> Thanks.
> Jeff

David A. Fares
Director, Electronic Commerce
U.S. Council for International Business
Tel: 212-703-5061
Fax: 212-575-0327

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