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RE: [dow1-2tf] WHOIS TF 1/2 -- moving ahead with data gathering

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  • From: "Marilyn Cade" <marilynscade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 10:42:13 -0500
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I hope that we are moving ahead with scheduling presentations from .ca and
name. I understand that we are also interested and seeking to have the
discussion with the ICANN staff/General Counsel regarding our second policy
work item, however, in the meantime, can we get these presentations
scheduled, with the transcript process that Glen arranged so effectively for
the CRISP call? I will be in Europe next week with limited ability to
participate, but will do my best to dial in. 



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Subject: RE: [dow1-2tf] WHOIS TF 1/2


I'm a little confused. Is this a response for CIRA? I thought that the this
was a proposal for .ca, not yet a policy. And, who is providing the
information on behalf of .ca? Maureen? Or someone else? 



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The proposal for access is somewhat broader than "court order"

We will disclose personal information, other than via the WHOIS, as stated
below, and the Registration Information Access Rules and Procedures, as
explained above, only:

(a) in the event that a law enforcement agency, court of competent
jurisdiction, tribunal, judicial board, administrative body, judicial
commission, or any other judicial body of competent jurisdiction requests
personal information by way of an order, ruling, decision, subpoena,
warrant, or judgment; 

(b) pursuant to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents
Act S.C. 2000, c. 5; or 

(c) if the domain name is subject to a proceeding under the CIRA Dispute
Resolution Policy, to the relevant Dispute Resolution Provider.

At 11:08 AM 1/18/2005, Steven J. Metalitz IIPA wrote:

 This proposal is for tiered access in the sense that registrars have
access to more data than the public, but not beyond that.  Specifically
the only method for access by non-registrar businesses, consumers,
intellectual property owners, or law enforcement would be by court

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Here is the URL for the Canadian proposal that involves a "tiered
approach to availability of WHOIS information:
David Maher

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