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RE: [dow1-2tf] Last Call on Final Draft of Issues 1 and 2

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  • Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 11:21:03 -0600
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I did not mean to imply that. I only meant to point out that this policy
recommendation can take the concept of forgiving compliance with the RAA
only so far. Trying to cover or figure out what to do if a Registrar gets
sued, slapped with injunctions, etc. is impossible, IMHO.





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tim@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<<ICANN's mission involves the security and stability of the Internet. At
some point, that may take precendent over fostering competition>>

In the UK, registrants can opt-out of having their personal
information listed in the public .UK directory. In Germany, per the
data protection laws, only name and address is shown in .DE, not
email or telephone numbers.  In South Korea, the registrant can
request that personal data not be published and then name and
technical data will appear in the .KR Whois database.  In France, an
"ex-directory option" can be selected, and the registrant will not have
any personal data (including name) listed in the .FR Whois.   In
Australia, "in order to comply with Australian privacy legislation, the
street address, telephone and facsimile numbers of registrants will
not be disclosed."  That's not only for individuals, but also for
business under .AU.   And the list goes on.  [Appendix 1, Task 
Force 2 Report]

Last I check the withdrawal of personal and even business
information has been slowly and quietly taking place in ccTLDs
around the world to comply with the growing deep concern over
electronic privacy.  Last I checked, the Internet's security and
stability has not been compromised.  

Regards, Kathy

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