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RE: [council] Motion in support of advice letter of the WG on Consumer Metrics

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  • Subject: RE: [council] Motion in support of advice letter of the WG on Consumer Metrics
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  • Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2012 17:28:16 -0700
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Avenue, #291</div><div>San Francisco, CA 94127</div><div>m: 
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-------- Original Message --------<br>
Subject: Re: [council] Motion in support of advice letter of the WG on<br>
Consumer Metrics<br>
From: "Novoa, Osvaldo" &lt;<a 
Date: Wed, December 05, 2012 3:25 pm<br>
To: "<a href="mailto:john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";>john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</a>" 
Cc: "<a href="mailto:council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx";>council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</a>" &lt;<a 
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Glen_de_Saint_Géry &lt;<a href="mailto:Glen@xxxxxxxxx";>Glen@xxxxxxxxx</a>&gt;,  
      Berry Cobb<br>
&lt;<a href="mailto:berry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx";>berry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</a>&gt;,        
Steve DelBianco<br>
I will second it.<br>
Best regards,<br>
Enviado desde mi iPhone<br>
El 05/12/2012, a las 21:18, "<a 
For your consideration, below is a motion in support of the work of the<br>
WG on Consumer Trust, Consumer Choice and Competition.  I am asking it<br>
be put on our agenda for our December 20, 2012 meeting.<br>
Note that the first time it was offered (then withdrawn for further<br>
work), it was seconded by Carlos.  This motion needs a new second.  Let<br>
me know who had such an urge.<br>
Motion on the Adoption of a Working Group on Consumer Trust, Consumer<br>
Choice, and Competition (CTCCC)<br>
Made by: John Berard<br>
Seconded by: TBD<br>
Whereas, on 10 December 2010, the ICANN Board adopted Resolution 30<br>
advice from the GNSO, ccNSO, ALAC and GAC on establishing the<br>
definition, measures, and three-year targets for those measures, for<br>
competition, consumer trust and consumer choice in the context of the<br>
domain name system (DNS), such advice to be provided for discussion at<br>
the ICANN International Public meeting in San Francisco from 13-18 March<br>
Whereas, the GNSO Council approved the Charter<br>
 for a Consumer<br>
Choice, Trust, and Competition Working Group (CTCCCWG) to produce an<br>
Advice Letter for consideration by Supporting Organizations(SOs) and<br>
Advisory Committees (ACs) to assist them in responding to the Board<br>
request for establishing the definition, measures, and three-year<br>
targets for those measures, for competition, consumer trust and consumer<br>
choice in the context of the domain name system;<br>
Whereas, the CCI WG created a draft Advice Letter and posted it for<br>
Public Comment<br>
Whereas, the CCI WG reviewed all Public Comments and feedback from<br>
public sessions and produced a Final Advice Letter<br>
) for consideration by the SOs and ACs.<br>
RESOLVED, the GNSO Council endorses there commendations for establishing<br>
the definition, measures and three-year targets for those measures for<br>
competition, consumer trust and consumer choice in the context of the<br>
domain name system as described in the Final Advice Letter.<br>
RESOLVED FURTHER, the GNSO Council approves the delivery of the Final<br>
Advice Letter to the ICANN Board.<br>
RESOLVED FURTHER, the GNSO Council thanks the CTCCC WG members for their<br>
diligence and persistent efforts on this important topic and disbands<br>
the Working Group.<br>
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