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AW: [council] Fwd: eco reception

I agree, there's something "confusingly similar" which on the top level should 
be avoided.
I'm sure ECO will reserve a cool beer for you - in case you pass by the 
reception to hear Stéphane's German speech :-)



        Von: Adrian Kinderis [mailto:adrian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
        Gesendet: Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011 16:03
        An: Knoben, Wolf-Ulrich; rosemary.sinclair@xxxxxxxxxxx; 
        Cc: council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Betreff: RE: [council] Fwd: eco reception

        I apologise. I am a goose.


        Clearly I was thinking of .eco and not ECO.


        Too bloody confusing.


        SVG should absolutely speak there, in german.


        Aren't you glad you are getting rid of me!??


        Ado 0

        GNSO Council 1347


        Adrian Kinderis 


        From: KnobenW@xxxxxxxxxx [mailto:KnobenW@xxxxxxxxxx] 
        Sent: Thursday, 20 October 2011 12:29 PM
        To: rosemary.sinclair@xxxxxxxxxxx; stephane.vangelder@xxxxxxxxx; Adrian 
        Cc: council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Subject: AW: [council] Fwd: eco reception


        I support the outreach effort.


        Kind regards



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                Gesendet: Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011 08:51
                An: Stéphane Van Gelder; Adrian Kinderis
                Cc: council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Council
                Betreff: RE: [council] Fwd: eco reception

                I think it's a good idea...




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                From: owner-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
[mailto:owner-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Stéphane Van Gelder
                Sent: Thursday, 20 October 2011 11:14 AM
                To: Adrian Kinderis
                Cc: council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Council
                Subject: Re: [council] Fwd: eco reception


                The point, as far as I'm concerned, is doing GNSO outreach.


                As for the other questions, I'll let Thomas answer if he wants 


                If me doing a 10-minute talk on the way the GNSO works is going 
to give rise to suspicions, rather than constructive comments on how this can 
help improve awareness of what the GNSO Council does, I'm happy not to do it.


                Are you objecting to me doing it? Do others feel I should not 
do it? Please let me know asap. It's because I have been invited in my capacity 
as Chair that I wanted to give the Council prior warning in case this posed a 
problem to some.






                Le 19 oct. 2011 à 17:56, Adrian Kinderis a écrit :


                I don't get it.


                What's the point? Who is the audience of the reception etc...


                It doesn't make sense to me.


                Adrian Kinderis 


                From: owner-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
[mailto:owner-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Stéphane Van Gelder
                Sent: Wednesday, 19 October 2011 6:09 PM
                To: council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Council
                Subject: [council] Fwd: eco reception




                FYI, I have been invited by Thomas Rickert and ECO to give a 
brief 10 minute introduction to the GNSO at their reception, happening here in 
Dakar on Monday.






                Début du message réexpédié :


                De : Thomas Rickert <rickert@xxxxxxxxxxx>

                Objet : eco reception

                Date : 19 octobre 2011 15:25:15 HAEC

                À : Stéphane Van Gelder <stephane.vangelder@xxxxxxxxx>


                Dear Stéphane,

                please find below the invitation to the eco reception on 
Monday, which eco is doing to send out shorty. 


                Your short address does not need to take longer than 10 mins. I 
have called it "GNSO - A Brief Introduction to Current and Future Challenges".


                I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.






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