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[council] ICANN Board resolutions - from 11 Oct 2011

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From:   http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/resolutions-11oct11-en.htm

Approved Board Resolutions | Special Meeting of the ICANN Board

11 October 2011
* Note: Where available, draft Rationale of the Board's actions is presented 
under the associated Resolution. The draft Rationale is not final until 
approved with the minutes of the Board meeting.

Consent Agenda

Resolved, the following resolutions in this Consent Agenda are approved:

1.1. Approval of Minutes of 25 August 2011 ICANN Board Meeting

Resolved (2011.10.11.01), the Board approves the minutes of the 25 August 2011 
ICANN Board Meeting.

1.2. Approval of Minutes of 17 September 2011 ICANN Board Meeting

Resolved (2011.10.11.02), the Board approves the minutes of the 17 September 
2011 ICANN Board Meeting.

1.3. Approval of Delegation of .CW (Curacao), Transitional Arrangements for 
Netherlands Antilles (.AN)

Whereas, CW is the ISO 3166-1 two-letter country-code designated for Curaçao;

Whereas, ICANN has received a request for delegation of .CW to the University 
of the Netherlands Antilles;

Whereas, ICANN has reviewed the request, and has determined that the proposed 
redelegation would be in the interests of the local and global Internet 

Resolved (2011.10.11.03), the proposed delegation of the .CW top-level domain 
to the University of the Netherlands Antilles is approved.

Whereas, the .AN top-level domain was delegated on the basis of its former 
listing as an ISO 3166-1 two-letter country code designated for the Netherlands 

Whereas, the ISO 3166-1 standard has removed the "AN" code, and the ISO 3166 
Maintenance Agency recommends its use be discontinued;

Whereas, ICANN is not responsible for deciding what is or is not a country, and 
adheres to the ISO 3166-1 standard for guidance on when to add, modify and 
remove country-code top-level domains;

Whereas, the .AN top-level domain is still the primary domain used by parties 
in the countries and municipalities that comprised the former Netherlands 

Whereas, there is a transition plan to move registrations from the .AN domain 
to new domains .CW and .SX, with the University of the Netherlands Antilles 
continuing to act as manager of the .AN domain until transition is complete,

Resolved (2011.10.11.04), that the University of Netherlands Antilles be 
instructed to report their progress on decommissioning the .AN domain every six 
months to ICANN against a relevant set of metrics,

Resolved (2011.10.11.05), that the University of Netherlands Antilles work to 
complete the transition of the .AN domain to the .CW domain, the .SX domain, 
and any other relevant domain; so that it may be removed from the DNS root zone 
no later than 31 October 2014.

Resolved (2011.10.11.06), that the .AN domain be removed from the DNS root zone 
on 31 October 2014, if not requested earlier by the manager of the domain.

2.   Approval of CEO Search Committee Membership

Whereas, 16 August 2011, Rod Beckstrom announced that he will continue to 
fulfill his term as ICANN's President and CEO, which will be completed on 1 
July 2012.

Whereas, the ICANN Board discussed CEO Succession planning at the Board meeting 
on 17 September 2011.

Whereas, the ICANN Board directed the Board Governance Committee to recommend a 
slate of Board members to comprise a CEO Search Process Management Work 
Committee for the Board to consider at its next meeting.

Whereas all members of the current Board and liaisons, including incoming, have 
all stated without reservation that they are not a candidate for the position 
of CEO and will not accept it as offered. 

Resolved (2011.10.11.07), no current or incoming member of the Board or 
liaisons may be considered as a candidate for the role of the CEO for the 
current CEO Selection process.

Whereas, the following are the proposed members of the group, based upon Board 
Governance Committee recommendation and as refined by the Board:

Steve Crocker

George Sadowsky

Bertrand de La Chapelle

Erika Mann

Chris Disspain

Cherine Chalaby

Ray Plzak

R. Ramaraj

Resolved (2011.10.11.08), the Board approves the recommended membership of the 
CEO Search Process Management Work Committee.

Resolved (2011.10.11.09), the George Sadowsky will be the Chair of the CEO 
Search Committee.

Rationale for Resolutions 2011.10.11.07 - 2011.10.11.09

The ICANN Board has begun planning for and developing the CEO succession 
process, to assist in transition of the leadership.  The establishment of a 
work committee will allow the Board to coordinate this process with regular 
reporting to the Board as a whole, as well as reviewing opportunities for 
community involvement in the process. Timely succession of the ICANN CEO will 
assist the organization in maintaining its work in overseeing the security and 
the stability of the DNS.  The establishment of the work committee will not 
have a financial impact on ICANN, though resources are likely to be required at 
later points in the process.

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