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[council] Re: [council] GNSO Council Meeting with Patrik Fältström 12 March 2011

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  • Subject: [council] Re: [council] GNSO Council Meeting with Patrik Fältström 12 March 2011
  • From: Stéphane Van Gelder <stephane.vangelder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 17:22:24 +0100
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Thanks Julie,

I think working more closely with the SSAC will be very helpful. In particular 
looking at the list of recent publications that it has produced and which are 
of interest to nearly all, if not all, the GNSO groups.

During Patrick's presentation, I'm sure it will also be helpful to go over the 
way the SSAC goes about gathering information from the various ICANN groups and 
also the kind of timeframes it works on to produce reports and recommendations.

I look forward to having this discussion in SF and in the meantime, would 
encourage any Councillor that has specific questions for Patrik to send them to 
the list so that we can perhaps group them in preparation for our meeting with 
the SSAC.



Le 1 mars 2011 à 21:24, Julie Hedlund a écrit :

> Dear GNSO Councilors,
> As you may recall, Patrik Fältström, the new Chair of the Security and 
> Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC), is scheduled to meet briefly with the 
> GNSO Council at its Saturday Working Session at the ICANN Silicon Valley 
> meeting from 10:30 to 11:00 am on 12 March.  For your reference in advance of 
> this meeting, I have attached the presentation that Patrik will be providing 
> to you.  This will be a very brief presentation since the majority of the 
> time will be reserved for discussion and questions.  
> In particular, Patrik is interested in hearing your ideas on how the SSAC can 
> help the GNSO and on practical areas to explore.  For example, in the past, 
> initial work by the SSAC has led to policy work in the GNSO, such as fast 
> flux hosting and aspects of registration abuse relating to WHOIS.  In 
> addition, over the years GNSO working groups have considered recommendations 
> from various SSAC reports. (See partial list below.) 
> If you have any suggestions for topics for discussion that you would like me 
> to convey to Patrik in advance of the meeting, please let me know.  Thank you 
> very much for your assistance.
> Best regards,
> Julie
> [SAC033]:  Domain Name Registration Records and Directory Services (22 July 
> 2008)
> [SAC037]: Display and usage of Internationalized Registration Data: Support 
> for characters from local languages or scripts (21 April 2009)
> [SAC038]: Registrar Abuse Contacts (26 February 2009)
> [SAC040]: Measures to Protect Domain Registration Services Against 
> Exploitation or Misuse (19 August 2009)
> [SAC041]: Recommendation to prohibit use of redirection and synthesized 
> responses by new TLDs 
> [SAC044]: A Registrant's Guide to Protecting Domain Name Registration 
> Accounts (05 November 2010)
> [SAC045]: Invalid Top Level Domain Queries at the Root Level of the Domain 
> Name System
> <SSAC Chair Meeting Slides Silicon Valley.pdf>

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