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Re: [council] Appointment of NCA to Houses


I understand that it would have better to have satisfied the NCAs and my original hope had been that this is what would happen.

The SGs had a week in which to agree to NCAs preferences. For various reasons the SGs did not come to and agreement on that or any agreement for that matter.

We then had a lottery as agreed to before hand.

Due to dissatisfaction with the results we then opened it for a revision on the consideration that all SGs agree to a compromise solution on placement. I do not know if there were discussions and negotiations in the background, but all I saw was each of the SGs in turn stating its preferences.

In the end only 3 SGs, not 4 SGs, agreed to a solution that would have satisfied the request of 2/3 of the NCAs.

At this point, I really believe that this issue should be closed and the NCAs should be assigned according to the lottery results.


On 15 Oct 2009, at 15:34, Stéphane Van Gelder wrote:

This means that, despite the overall support of the SGs for a solution which
was also inline with what the NCAs wanted themselves, we opt for the
solution that suits only one SG. Hardly seems fair.

I really think we should try and honour the NCAs' wishes if we can, and the
proposed option 1 did that.

There is majority support for this. Does it have to be unanimous support?


Le 15/10/09 09:32, « Avri Doria » <avri@xxxxxxx> a écrit :


Since it does not appear that the 4 SGs managed to negotiate to a
common acceptable position on the placement of the NCA appointees, and
given that a week has passed since the meeting and the decision to
give the council a week to try and find another acceptable solution to
the lottery, I believe that we are now in the position of accepting
the results of the lottery and allowing the 3 NCAs to start
participating with their houses on the decisions concerning candidates
for the chair position.

Thus, the NCA are allocated according to the following list as
determined by the lottery:

Terry Davis - Contracted Parties House
Olga Cavalli - Non Contracted Parties House
Andrei Kolesnikov - Non Voting Seat

I will be writing up the process followed and notifying the Board and
the Nomcom leadership of these results later today.

Thank you.


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