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Re: [council] Questions on "GNSO Consultation: Rights Protection Mechanisms in New gTLDs"

On 6 Oct 2009, at 18:56, Rosette, Kristina wrote:

Not unexpectedly, I have some questions, which I have listed below. (I am copying Kurt in the event that he or other ICANN staff is best placed to answer them.):

1. If the Board has sent the GNSO Council a letter that provides any further information, detail, instruction, or the like on this consultation, would someone please post that letter to this list?

I am told the letter is still being worked on and will come real soon now.

2. If the Board has not yet sent such letter, does it still intend to do so?

I was told by Denise yesterday, I think it was yesterday, that it does.

That is al the info I have.



3. If the Board does not intend to send such a letter, will it provide guidance/clarification to the GNSO as to:

i) How will consensus be measured? A Council vote? Number of public comments? Number of signatories to public comments? Other (and, if so, what)?

        ii)  What constitutes "consensus"?  Unanimity?  If not, what?

iii) What is the default? In other words, what action will the Board take if the GNSO is unable to reach consensus?

4. If the Board will not/does not intend to provide guidance/ clarifications on the points noted in 3(i)-(iii), who makes those decisions?

It would be most helpful if answers to these questions/responses to these requests could be provided before or during our 8 October Council meeting.

Many thanks.


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