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Re: [council] DAG v3

It wasn't so much the 'latest date' possible merely that we hadn't been 

We have now.



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I believe the latest they can post it for discussion in Seoul is 5 Oct.


Chuck Gomes

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Subject: [council] DAG v3
Is it just me or were we expecting the DAV v3 by September 30?

In recent communications (Peter’s letter to the GAC for example) this was the 
date quoted.

Whilst I am not too bothered by the delay what does concern me is that ICANN 
staff have simply left us in the dark as to the progress.

If ICANN knew it was going to be late why not make an announcement to clarify? 
Why keep us guessing?

Very frustrating for the Community for which they serve.

Perhaps they were too busy celebrating with the US Government to care?

Is it [possible to request a response from staff?

Adrian Kinderis

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