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Re: [council] Status/report from ACSO meeting


No other topics were suggested at this meeting.

At the last meeting I had suggested the topic that had been recommended at one of our meetings: Malicious usage in new gTLDs.

While there was some interest in this, the GAC topic was seen as encompassing this as a subtopic. Though we did not discuss it per se.


On 2 Sep 2009, at 01:04, Olga Cavalli wrote:

Thanks Avri,
were there other additional topics proposed?
This one proposed by GAC is already chosen as the only topic?

2009/9/1 Avri Doria <avri@xxxxxxx>


while not the same words, pretty much what i said.
but i promised to report it in a neutral manner.

GAC is being rather insistent.
they say it covers all the topics they think are interesting.

the pretty much refused (not in so few words) to hold the meeting on a Monday
unless they felt the topic was one of interest to them.

i figured the GNSO was fine with not having the meeting at all and said so. but also said that the GNSO was not proposing that the meeting be cancelled.


On 2 Sep 2009, at 00:14, Gomes, Chuck wrote:

Should be an interesting and diverse debate but it will come down to one
side's opinions versus the other's.  Isn't that basically where we
started in the New gTLD PDP process?


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Just got out of a ACSO meeting where the topic of the meeting
for Seoul was discussed.

The GAC has suggested that the Seoul ACSO meeting focus on a
topic from their letter to the Board Chair of 18 Aug 09.

Specially based on the following sentence:

"The GAC remains concerned that the threshold question has
not been answered whether the introduction of new gTLDs
provides potential benefits to consumers that will not be
outweighed by the potential harms."

So the topic would be:

Whether the introduction of new gTLDs provides potential
benefits to consumers that will not be outweighed by the
potential harms

We have all been asked to get feedback from the various SOs
and ACs before next week.

I have also reported this under the status section of the
Agenda for this week.


Olga Cavalli, Dr. Ing.

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